CX Pay develops Sentoo plugin for e-commerce integrations

CX Pay develops Sentoo plugin for e-commerce integrations

The partnership brings local online payments to CX Pay’s clients

Thursday, April 13, 2023 – CX Pay, the online payment services provider for local and international payment methods, has teamed up with Sentoo. Sentoo offers online payments through local banks, the first of its kind in the Dutch Caribbean. CX Pay has developed a plugin to enable merchants using WordPress-based websites to accept local online payments with Sentoo. CX Pay intends to add more e-commerce platforms this year to make Sentoo as a payment method available to more business clients with online activities.

This new plugin will integrate Sentoo as a local payment method for webshops built on WooCommerce, the WordPress-based e-commerce platform. The Sentoo payment method will be available in addition to other popular payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, iDeal, SofortBanking, China Union Pay, and other local payment methods currently offered by CX Pay.

The launch brings additional value to businesses and their online payment needs. With this partnership, webshops built on this platform can rapidly install the plugin and receive Sentoo payments through local banks without needing custom integrations.

Increased demand for local e-commerce activities

Managing director of Sentoo, Vincent van Rutten, said, “We’re seeing an increased demand for local e-commerce activities of businesses. Partnering with CX Pay allows us to reach a broad audience and offer a wide range of payment solutions. The integration provides a seamless way for businesses to receive local payments through Sentoo in their WooCommerce webshops. This means that more businesses can start realizing their e-commerce ambitions.”

David Levy Maduro, managing director of CX Pay: “With the acceptance of new payment methods growing around the world, CX Pay continues to bring innovation in e-payments by offering merchants in the Dutch Caribbean the possibility to tap into this opportunity with Sentoo as well now. In addition to other popular local payment methods like iDeal, Sofort Banking, China UnionPay, and several others from all over the world, merchants can now also accept a payment method specifically destined for the local community through CX Pay’s solutions.”

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