Get to know us

Born from the demand for local payments and the growth of our economy

Core values

We believe transaction fees should always be affordable and online payments should be accessible to anyone with a local bank account. As our economy grows, every customer should have the option to use their local bank account to pay for local products and services online. It is not a thing of the future, it is an essential basic need in today’s online economy

Founded in 2016

We put in the work and did the research. With a dedicated team, we sourced the best technologies and we tried and tested them over and over. We combined our technical and financial expertise with our extensive experience in e-commerce, online payments and tax & social security implementations, to ultimately create Sentoo

Experienced team

We have felt for years that online account-to-account payments are not just a convenience, but a key necessity to maintain and grow our economy. Not everyone has a global credit card or international online payment service, and we feel they shouldn’t have to. So in 2016, we set out to eliminate that hurdle

Our purpose

Our purpose

Offering online payments to anyone with a local bank account, with affordable rates for all merchants

Direct account transfers

Real-time processing with immediate confirmation to both customer and merchant, without the need for credit cards or e-wallets

Local bank support

Offer online payments in local currency and get immediate access to your funds without (international) third parties involved


Through our partnerships with local banks, we make it possible to innovate and simplify the way you pay and get paid online


We build relationships with banks, merchants, and their customers, to create a sustainable and long-term solution for online payments

Safety and Security

At Sentoo, we take security seriously, so every payment is 100% secure and upholds international industry standards. Our ISO 27001:2022 certification means we work with the highest standards for information security, business practices, and processes.