Get peace of mind with Sentoo

Sentoo provides its customers with a payment service through our Sentoo platform. At Sentoo, we are strongly committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information when using our Sentoo platform.

When you use our service on the Sentoo platform

We use Plausible Analytics to track the usage of our Sentoo platform. Even though the purpose of Plausible Analytics is to track the usage of a platform, this can still be done without collecting any personal data or personally identifiable information (PII). Without using cookies and while respecting the privacy of our visitors. This is because, by using Plausible Analytics, all the site tracking is carried out anonymously and is non-personal. Moreover, cookies are not set, no personal data is collected, and all data is aggregate only. Below we will explain why we have opted for a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics on our Sentoo platform:

  1. We minimize data collection
    Plausible Analytics minimizes the data collection in general, as they only measure the most essential data points and nothing else. And all the metrics we do collect fit on one single page.
  2. No personal data is collected
    Plausible Analytics does not track, collect, or store any personal data or personally identifiable information. Plausible Analytics is even more privacy-friendly than options such as server logs.
    There is no way to get any kind of personal data from Plausible Analytics. However, in our server logs, we can see all the IP addresses of our visitors when they visit our platform.

  3. All data is in aggregate only
    With Plausible Analytics, we aim to track overall trends in our website traffic, not track individual visitors. The privacy of our platform visitors is crucial to us. Therefore, with Plausible Analytics, we do not track any individual people, and all the data is in aggregate only.

  4. No tracking across devices
    Plausible Analytics does not track people across their devices. All data is isolated to a single device only, and there is no way to know whether the same person visits a site from more than one device.

  5. No tracking across websites and apps
    Plausible Analytics does not track people across websites and apps that they visit. Besides, all the data is isolated to a single website only, so there is no way to know what other websites someone visits.

  6. All data is isolated to a single day
    All the data is isolated to a single day only, so there is no way of knowing if the same person is coming back to a site on a different day.

  7. No cookies and other persistent identifiers
    Because we use Plausible Analytics, we do not make use of cookies whatsoever. Furthermore, we do not generate any persistent identifiers either. Plausible Analytics generates a random string of letters and numbers that is used to calculate unique visitors on our platform, and this string is reset once per day.
    This makes us compliant with the different cookie laws and privacy regulations such as GDPR and PECR. As a result of not using cookies on our platform, we do not need to obtain consent from our visitors to store and retrieve data from their devices

  8. Your data is not sent to, shared with, or sold to any third parties
    Sentoo does not share, sell, or send your platform data to any advertising companies or any other third parties in general. Our platform is not monetized, mined, and harvested for personal behavior trends. That is just not our business model.

What information does Sentoo collect on the platform?

While you use our service to make a payment, there are a few exceptions where we collect your information. This is when you provide information to us, as set out below:

  • To assist and provide you with support on the Sentoo platform, an email address may be voluntarily provided during the payment process. To carry out our service and keep you updated on your payment status, we process and encrypt your email address created by your use of this Sentoo service. This information will never be used for promotional or marketing-related activities.
  • When you visit our Sentoo platform, you may also contact us through a chat functionality. The information entered by you will be collected in our third-party Customer Service application. This is needed for example for us to answer your question. It is very important to us that we process your information securely and reliably. We advise you to consult the respective Privacy Policy of the third party for more detailed information. 

Does the Sentoo platform collect any personal payment information of its users? 

When using the Sentoo platform, your personal payment information e.g., full name, bank account information, and card information, is not collected or saved at any moment in time.

Safety & Security

At Sentoo, we take security seriously, so every payment is 100% secure and upholds international industry standards. Our ISO 27001:2022 certification means we work with the highest standards for information security, business practices, and processes.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal data or information, you can contact us via our contact form.