Get your money back fast, easy, and free.

Send to Wela, send to Dad, send to everyone!

Did you pick up the tab at the bar for everyone? Or did you advance money for the concert tickets? Now it’s easier than ever to ask for your money back. With you forward payment request to friends, family, or anyone else.

It’s super-easy and you never need to have those awkward “when will I get my money” conversations again.

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A payment request is easily made in the app. Fill in how much you want to request back. And indicate what it is for.

Sign up

Share the payment link via WhatsApp, SMS, email or however you want. It’s so easy to keep track of outstanding payments with the app.


QR code

Want to send a request, but don’t have any contact info? Just let them scan the QR code and you’re good to go!

No extra costs

It costs nothing to use and to receive your money.

For everyone

Everyone can pay your request. The other person does not need the app to pay, just a personal bank account at the participating banks.

A safe way to get paid

With, you can receive your money safely and securely. Payments requests are paid instantly in your personal bank account.

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