Bric Solutions and Sentoo integrate core invoicing solution with local payment method

Bric Solutions and Sentoo integrate core invoicing solution with local payment method

New partnership will help businesses get paid faster

Friday, September 15, 2023 - We’re excited to announce the partnership with Bric Solutions to implement Sentoo in its invoicing software. This enables businesses to offer our local payment method on invoices to clients. Invoice payments are still a hassle since they need to be paid manually. This often causes errors, extending the average collection process and creating additional reconciliation issues.

With Sentoo as an integrated payment method, businesses can easily create and send invoices with a payment link or QR code as online payment options. All required payment information is already pre-filled, drastically reducing the time spent on the payment process. Clients can pay with one click or scan. At the same time, businesses receive real-time payment notifications once an invoice has been paid with Sentoo. The payments are processed in the local bank environment and instantly available on the business bank account.

“Integrating Sentoo into an invoicing solution, such as Bric, ensures a smooth payment process and increases ease of payment. Now invoices can be paid online from anywhere and at any time,” said Vincent van Rutten, managing director and co-founder of Sentoo. “Together with Bric, we help businesses to streamline the process of invoices and payments.”

Derk van Lomwel, managing director of Bric Solutions: “We're thrilled to partner with Sentoo to enhance our invoicing software. This integration empowers local businesses to offer a seamless payment experience to their clients. With Sentoo, we're simplifying the invoice-to-payment journey, allowing invoices to be paid effortlessly, anytime and anywhere. Together with Sentoo, we're paving the way for businesses to streamline their invoicing and payment processes, making it easier than ever before.”

Bric Solutions is a software company based in Curaçao and active in the Caribbean and Latin America. Bric offers clever modular software solutions to help organizations become more efficient and thrive in a digital age. Bric’s core solutions include CRM, Digital Forms, Invoicing, Document Management, Workflows, Project Management, and Management Dashboards. Based on the requirements of your organization, these parts can be linked together like building blocks, hence the name “Bric”.

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