Why Sentoo is ideal for your business - Part 1.

Why Sentoo is ideal for your business - Part 1.

The world is moving more and more moving toward digital payments. The digital transformation in the finance industry is in full effect, and developments in fintech are moving fast. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and online stores increasingly offer payments on their websites and apps. Finding the correct payment method can be challenging, given the variety of payment products. There are various reasons why Sentoo is the ideal solution for your business. Let's first start by looking at the benefits you can offer your customers.


Sentoo is an online payment method that enables customers to pay online through their own local bank account. By offering Sentoo as a payment method, businesses tap into an already existing customer base. Presently, many of your customers already use their bank accounts to pay for goods and services, such as bill payments, tax payments, or simply transferring funds. This familiarity with online banking drives convenience and conversion. In other words: the existing customer base is more likely to pay for services and products with Sentoo when offered as a payment method. Customers simply select Sentoo and choose their bank at checkout. They are then redirected to their own online banking environment to confirm and approve the purchase.


Next, Sentoo is available to all online banking consumers at participating banks. Not only does this allow them to pay in a familiar way, but most importantly, transactions take only a few steps because there is no manual entry involved. All information for the payment is already pre-filled, your customer only needs to approve the payment (in a previous blog, we've written down these steps for making a payment with Sentoo). This ensures that an online payment through Sentoo is even more convenient and can be done in a matter of seconds. Plus, there is no separate Sentoo registration necessary or app to be downloaded: your customers can start immediately.

There is no separate Sentoo registration necessary or app to be downloaded: your customers can start immediately.


Lastly, ensuring that your customers have access to safe and secure payment options is a major priority. This brings us to a key aspect of Sentoo as a payment method. Payments with Sentoo are performed within the online banking environment of participating banks. This means that the bank guarantees the security of each transaction. Banks are continuously making efforts to make their environments safe to use, with high protection and secure verification. For example, multi-authentication and biometrics, such as fingerprints, are used to create safer customer payment processes.

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In conclusion, there are many reasons why Sentoo is ideal for your customers. Most importantly, it allows them to make online purchases in a familiar, convenient, and safe way. Want to know more about how you can get started with Sentoo? Drop us a note, and we'll be in contact!


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