Why is Sentoo ideal for your business - Part 2.

Why is Sentoo ideal for your business - Part 2.

When it comes to digital services and payments, consumers expect more flexibility. The pandemic has taught us that much. In part 1 of this blog, we looked at the reasons why Sentoo is ideal for consumers. The convenience of pre-filled payment details, and the familiarity of customers’ own trusted and secure banking environment, make Sentoo just right for consumers. Now, in part 2 we look at businesses: why is it equally ideal for merchants and businesses?

Guaranteed and instant payment

Sentoo redirects customers to their online banking environment. Here they approve their payments as part of the payment process. Customers experience a familiar, secure, and convenient way of paying online for services and goods. And businesses also benefit. The funds are instantly debited from the consumer’s bank account. This means that payments cannot be reversed. Once you click the payment button, the payment is processed and transferred immediately. The bank guarantees payment to merchants and businesses. They access the funds in their own bank accounts immediately. 

Instant payment notification

This brings us to the next benefit: with Sentoo, the bank guarantees payment. It triggers an immediate notification about the success of the payment. Sentoo adds the status of each payment to the Sentoo management system. Here we offer real-time insight into each successful (or failed) payment status. The guaranteed payment enables businesses to proceed with the delivery of purchased goods or services. Furthermore, because of the status update, businesses no longer need to go through their bank statements to check who paid what. Also, collection teams no longer need to bother the finance department for status updates.

Low transaction costs

As with all payment methods, affordable pricing is key. Sentoo doesn't charge any processing fees because there are no third parties involved. Customers use their own online banking environment for payments. Sentoo prices are transparent and straightforward: a percentage is applicable of 1% per transaction, with a maximum of $1.50 per transaction. On the other hand, merchants are only billed for successful transactions with Sentoo. The transaction fee, per successful transaction, is invoiced at the end of each billing period. This means that 100% of the payment is received in the bank account for each payment with Sentoo.

Is Sentoo ideal for you?

With plenty of benefits and advantages for your business and customers, Sentoo is an excellent way for you to accept online payments from customers who are already familiar with online banking. Safe and reliable, Sentoo not only delivers great payment experiences but helps any merchant wishing to create automated and more efficient payment processes. And with easy integration to get started, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

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