Scan and pay with Sentoo

Let your customers easily pay with the Sentoo QR code anytime, anywhere by smartphone.

How Sentoo works?

  • Customer selects bank and is taken directly to their own trusted online bank to login.
  • Customers simply review and approve payment.
  • Collect funds directly in your bank account. Incoming Sentoo payments are a 100% match with your financial records.

Add QR codes to your invoices

Simplify your invoice payments

Embed a Sentoo QR code onto your invoices. Eliminate customer payment errors and increase payment processing. Create a seamless experience for your business and customers. The Sentoo QR code helps you save time and get paid immediately.

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The Sentoo transaction fee is calculated on successful transactions processed by connected banks. The fee is based on 1% of the payment amount with a max of $1.50 per transaction. This means that large amounts will never cost you more than $1.50.

At Sentoo, we value your safety and the privacy of your data. Sentoo is based on internet- and mobile banking of your own bank. Making an online payment with Sentoo is safe. The transaction takes place in two steps:

  1. Identification and authentication of the user within online banking. This is done through multi-factor authentication provided by the bank, with either a fingerprint, facial recognition, token, or e-pass.
  2. Authorization. The user grants permission for the transaction using the bank’s multi-factor authentication such as fingerprint, facial recognition, token, or e-pass.

Sentoo is a payment method that lets merchants receive local online payments on bank accounts from customers’ local bank accounts. Your customers pay using their own familiar online or mobile banking environment quickly and securely. Sentoo is a convenient and ideal way of receiving local online payments.

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Our reach

Local currency

  • ANG
  • AWG
  • USD

Local banks

  • Banco di Caribe
  • Caribbean Mercantile Bank (CMB)
  • MCB Bonaire
  • MCB Curaçao
  • Windward Islands Bank (WIB)


  • Aruba
  • Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius)
  • Curaçao
  • St. Maarten

Our aim is to expand to 20+ countries and 10+ banks in the Caribbean by 2026. Want to stay updated on our reach and availability? Keep me posted


At Sentoo, we take security seriously, so every payment is 100% secure. Our ISO 27001:2022 certification means we work with the highest standards for information security, business practices, and processes. It is proof that we responsibly manage data and have measures in place for secure data storage and hosting, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and security of information.