Create the best checkout experience with Sentoo

Integrate and enable the Sentoo Checkout button in your online store and give customers the best seamless payment experience. Paying online with Sentoo is secure, fast, and easy.

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Account to account

Sentoo payments are made through a direct online transfer from the customer's bank account to your merchant bank account. To make a payment, customers use their mobile banking app or online banking. Sentoo offers real-time confirmation for you and your customers. Create a smooth customer experience so you can deliver goods and services right away.

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How it works

  • To make a payment using the Sentoo checkout button, the buyer selects their own bank from the list at checkout.
  • Sentoo redirects to their mobile banking app or online banking, where the buyer logs in.
  • Here, the buyer is asked to complete the payment. The amount to be transferred and all other payment details are pre-filled automatically.
  • The buyer simply approves the payment using their banking token.
  • The payment is processed immediately, and the funds are transferred to the merchant.
  • Sentoo sends a real-time confirmation to the buyer and merchant.
  • The buyer is automatically redirected back to the online store.