Scan and pay with Sentoo

Let your customers easily pay with the Sentoo QR code anytime, anywhere by smartphone.

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Endless posibilities

With the user-friendly Sentoo QR code, you can accept payments almost anywhere. The Sentoo QR code can be placed in digital or printed materials such as invoices and sent via email, text message, or live chat: the possibilities are endless.

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How it works

  • The customer scans the Sentoo QR code with the camera of their smartphone or tablet. The Sentoo QR code can be identified by the blue logo in the middle of the code.
  • Sentoo takes the customer to a Sentoo-hosted payment page. This page shows all the invoice details.
  • The customer selects their bank from the list and is redirected to their mobile banking app or online banking. The payment order is prepared, and the amount and all other payment details are automatically pre-filled.
  • The customer simply approves the payment using their banking token to complete the transaction.
  • The payment is processed immediately, and the funds are transferred to the merchant.
  • Sentoo sends a real-time confirmation to the customer and merchant.